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CigarClub. com January 2019 Unboxing


If you can’t tell by now, I’m a Cigar freak and I love Cigar of the Month Clubs. Currently, I am a member of three. Cigarclub.com being one of them and they have worked to create a different experience other than just mailing out the same cigars to all their subscribers. Once you log onto the website you’re asked to take a short quiz. This is used by Cigarclub.com to help them understand your flavor profile and palate. You also have a choice between receiving three cigars per month (The Corona) or five cigars per month (the Churchill). Needless to say, I get the Churchill box. So, let’s dive into the unboxing of the Cigarclub.com January 2019 Box.

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DOW (Drinks of the Week ) Hamburg Brewing Company

This past week plenty of beer was needed and needed badly.  We were able to get our hands on two brews from a Western New York brewer in Hamburg Brewing Company.  This week we took the edge off with their “Hoppenstance,” and “OMS” brews.  If your ever in the Buffalo area just travel about twenty minutes south and check out one of the nicest breweries around.  Let’s get on with the Fact’s, CHEERS!!!!!!!

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Bourbon Bourbon Bourbon.  There is nothing like a good Bourbon to relax with.  A few years ago when I started trying out more and more Bourbons a friend of mine suggested Angels Envy to me.  I had forgotten all about it until my brother got me some for X-Mas.  Well, the other day I cracked it open and tried it out several different ways.  I’ll be honest, It was pretty damn good.  Check out our thoughts below. 

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DOW (Drinks of the Week) Bronx Brewing Company

This past week we enjoyed a couple of brews from Bronx Brewing Company out of New York.  I was able to get my hands on these via a good buddy that travels to New York a few times a year.  His family has one of those lakeside places that make you jealous.  Sometimes the photos look so great that I am beginning to think the place is made up.  I know one thing though, the beer sure as hell isn’t.  Thanks, Chris, now onto the brews!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Prost Brewing Company

This review is slightly delayed since I have taken a break from my debauchery for a couple of weeks. I had to let the mind and body heal after what I call eating season. That is a period from November to January in which I overindulge in food and drink. Prost happened to be my brew of choice to ring in the new year. I joyfully enjoyed their Kolsch and Dunkel. Here are the facts.

Philadephia Eagles – Let the Insanity Ensue

Let’s be honest here, there isn’t a single person that could have predicted this season. The highs and lows have been so dramatic that it almost doesn’t make any sense. Then when it all seemed lost in comes Nick Foles and the defense begins playing again. The city has no clue what is going on and many are beginning to wonder if we should move on from Carson Wentz and stick it out with Nick Foles. My head is spinning from all of the craziness that has happened.