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DOW (Drinks of the Week): CORE Brewing Company

Established in 2010 Core Brewing Company has quickly established it’s self in the craft beer market of Arkansas.  Not only has the joint become a great brewer but they have opened multiple brewpubs called the Core Public House.  Maybe one day I’ll get the courage up to do my own thing, meanwhile, I’ll live vicariously through others.  So here’s to you CORE, Cheers!!!! ONTO THE FACTS:

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Twins Lakes and Rogue Brewing

We bring you two different brews this week with Twin Lakes Fortify IPA and Rogue Brewings Dead Guy Ale.  These brews come from both sides of the Country.  Rogue hales from Newport, Oregon, and Twin Lakes resides in Newport, Delaware.  Wait, WTF, is this some kind of travelers parallel universe.   I not sure on how to proceed with this but go into the review.  CHEERS!!!!! ONTO THE FACTS!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Payette Brewing Company

This week we give you Idaho’s largest craft brewery, Payette Brewing Company.  These guys are making beer hand over fist and feature a ton of great brews.  They have plenty of year-round brews and then some limited releases as well.  This week we will be trying out two of their brews “Recoil” and “Rodeo.”  

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Sly Fox Brewing Company

These dudes have been killing beer for nearly 25 years.  They have raked in awards and are one of the best brewpubs in the U.S.  Sly Fox Brewing Company makes a wide array of brews ranging from Irish Style Stouts, American Lagers, to German Pilsners.  There are far too many for me to try in one week, but I will give four of them hell this week.  They have too many awards to list but I think the coolest thing is their 360-degree lid, MIND BLOWN!  Onto the FACTS, Cheers!!!!!!

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Central Waters Brewing

What goes great with cheese, hell yeah your right, beer.  From the great state of Wisconsin, we bring you Central Waters Brewing Company.  These guys have been making beer for 20 years after becoming beasties in college.  This week I am excited to be trying their Honey Blonde Ale and their HHG (Horseshoes and Hand Grenades) APA, which scored 90 Points with Beer Connoisseur.  Onto the drinks:

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DOW (Drinks of the Week): Valhalla Brewing Company

This week we checked out the New Kids on the Block, not the amazing boy band that rocked my adolescence, but a new brewer from Maryland Valhalla Brewing Company  They are Elkton, Marylands first microbrewery.  They had three brews of their own on tap and also had two other brewers, wine, and mead from Liquid Alchemy.  After a long week at work, it was off to ASGARD to try some new brews.