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Eagles vs. Rams

Well last week the Birds did the exact opposite of what it was going to take to win against the Seahawks.  They didn’t protect the ball, they didn’t protect the QB, they couldn’t run effectively, and they surely didn’t contain Russell Wilson.  They clearly had issues with the noise in that stadium and now you can see why home field advantage is so important.  Congrats to the Seahawks.  On to the Rams.

Moving a team back to L.A was a horrible idea, and moving two teams may have been one of the dumbest things that the NFL has ever done.  It’s so bad that they had to put out an open casting call for people to act like Rams fans for the broadcast on Sunday.  They had to do this because the Eagles will be playing a home game on the road because so many fans are going to attend.  Great job NFL.

Todays theme will be to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball.  If you didn’t understand what I was saying earlier RUN THE BALL.  The Rams are 27th against the run.  The Eagles are #2 in rush offense.  Keeping the Rams offense off the field will be key to getting this victory.  The Rams like to get out of the huddle quickly so that Head Coach McVay can read the defense and relay the options into Goff.  In the QB’s helmet the coach can talk to the QB until there is 17 seconds left on the play clock then the ear piece turns off.  The Rams use this to their full advantage.  It will be key for the Eagles to disguise their defense until that time.  If they show anything to early then they could get torched.

Defensively the Eagles will have to get after and frustrate the young QB.  They need to force him to make quick decisions in the pocket and flush him out to his weak side.  Doing this will likely lead to a couple of turn overs.  This is all predicated on the fact that the Eagles D will have to stop Todd Gurley.  If you don’t stop him it will be a long day.  The good thing is that we have the #1 rush defense.

I expect the Eagles to show some passion this week and show off Carson and that run game a bit.  Carson is the better of the two QB’s playing today and he will prove it.

Final Score 27 – 17 Eagles.

Ajayi goes off for 100 plus yards today.

Eagles vs. Da Bears

Last week proved that the Eagles are by far the best team in the NFC East.  They are still on a crash course to meet the Falcons, Vikings, or Saints in the Playoffs.  Hopefully the Eagles can stay ahead of all of them and get home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  They dismantled the Cowboys in a way that broke their spirits, some players even gave up which was noticed by the national media and players on the field.  Once the Cowboys got past their scripted plays they really began to fall apart.  Prescott currently isn’t a QB that can manage a game or handle in-game adjustments.  Carson was clearly a better QB and people can now stop arguing in defense of Prescott.

This week will look similar to last week in that the Bears will come out and move the ball a little with their scripted plays, normally in the 12-15 play range, and once they get past that the game will fall apart for them.  The biggest issue is that they are a run first and pretty much only offense, and we love stopping the run.  Trubisky doesn’t have the ability to carry a football team.  He really shouldn’t either since he is a rookie on a bad team.  The Eagles win this one easily today by dominating the clock, ground, and on defense.

Hey everyone there are a couple of things that we as fans need to stop doing.

  1.  Each week can’t be a trap game so stop saying
  2.  Say the Eagles are going to the Super Bowl.  Once you embrace this you’ll have more fun
  3.   It’s not our job as fans to “worry about the next game”  you can say we are going all the way.

Predictions for this game

  1.  Eagles sack the QB 4 times
  2.  Carson with 3 TD’s today
  3.  Jay Ajayi will reach the end zone with a 30+ yard run.
  4.  Carson will not have to play the end of the Game
  5.  Eagles win this one 37 – 10


Eagles vs A team formally known as the 49ers.

This game has all the markings to be a huge ass whoopin.  Let’s just break down some of the Rankings for both teams.

  1.  49ers Offense is #23 in the rush.  Eagles Defense is # 1 Against the run.  ( Edge Eagles)
  2.  49ers Defense is #29 against the rush.  Eagles Offense is #4 in the run ( Edge Eagles )
  3.  49ers Defense is #32 against 3rd down conv.  Eagles offense is # 1 for 3rd down conv.  ( Edge Eagles)

Listen the list goes on and on in favor of the Eagles.  The 49ers have to travel to the East coast and play in conditions that will be favorable to the run game.  It’s supposed to rain Sunday which means we should see the ball in the running backs hands a lot.  This game isn’t even going to be close.  The Eagles will dominate the game clock and run the ball most of the day.  The Eagles will easily reach their 6th straight victory and start to prepare for the Broncos to come to town.

Lastly I would like to address all these people (Cowboy Fans) complaining about the schedule we have.  Sorry but we can’t play the Patriots 16 times a season we have to play the teams on our schedule.  Instead of complaining about who we are playing start complaining that these teams can’t d beat us.   See you in a couple of Weeks.

Final Score 34 – 6.

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Gonna Be OK Sixer Fans

If 76er fans are worried about the start so far this season they shouldn’t be.   I originally posted that this team could be the 7th seed this year and I still think that.  They have had a tough start but to their defense every team ,except the Pistons who they beat,  were in the playoffs last year.  Not only were they in the playoffs but they all made it to the Semis or better.  That is a tough start for any team.   Stay with them, this season is going to get real fun real soon.

Washington – Conference Semis

Boston – Conference Finals

Toronto – Conference Semis

Houston – Conference Semis

Eagles vs. Giants 

Last week we got the winning score right just the wrong team.   Some will argue this week that the birds are getting into a trap game but that isn’t the case.   The Eagles will handle the Giants easily today.  The Giants can’t stop the run or the rush.  Expect Barnett to get another sack today and hopefully we see a lot of Blount today.  I think we will see  Cory Clement should get a few touches also.  Today’s score 30-10.   Go Birds.  

Eagles vs KC

Last week was a great way to kick off the NFL season.  The Chiefs beat the brakes off of the Pats.  The Eagles worked over the Redskins.  My prediction last week was 33-13 and we got real close to that.  I told you that Carson would go over 300 and two TD’s which he did.  I missed on Alston as Josh Norman locked him down almost all day.   No worries though.

If everything goes right today I think the Eagles can squeeze out a close one.   Carson will go for 280 plus today with two more TDs.  Alshon will get his first today.  Blount will see the end zone also.   The Chiefs will be missing Eric Berry today and it will show.  This should be a fun back and forth game will the Andy and Doug going toe to toe on their play calling.  The difference today will be the Eagles defense. Expect them to bottle up Kareem Hunt and keep Hill in check on the outside.  They will have to watch the screen plays.  The Lbs will have to be on their toes to ensure the speedster doesn’t get to the outside.

This weeks score 27-24 Eagles.   It will be a tough one.

GO Birds.

Eagles vs Redskins

Today kicks off the Eagles Regular Season.  My predication for today’s game is 33-13 Eagles.  Sure that seems like a lot but the birds are new and improved.  Going into today’s game the Eagles will control the ball with a new and improved rushing game led by Blount.  Carson Wentz will throw over three hundred yards today with at least two TD passes.  The rest of the scoring will come from on the ground and field goals.  The defense will spend much of their time in the Redskins back field applying pressure all day.  You will see the Eagles come away with 3 sacks today, one by Barnett, and at least one pick.  Expect Alshon to have a great game with 8 to 10 catches and over a hundred years receiving.

That is my take on the game leave a comment and let me know what your predictions are.

Women’s Football Festival

For mothers day this year I decided to think outside the box and bought my wife two tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles 2nd Annual Football Festival for Women on 21 May 2017.  The day would include running drills on the field, meeting the head coach, players, alumni, and many other activities.  When I presented the tickets to her I was hoping for a positive reaction.  The truth is that she was way more excited then I thought she would be.  This made me happy, and of course made her happy as well.

I will tell you trying to find another women as excited by the Eagles as much as she is, is a difficult task.  Lucky enough for her she had a friend that may love the Birds just as much as she does.  So on Sunday 21 May they headed out to experience a day with the Eagles.

When they arrived at the stadium they realized that they missed Coach Pederson’s opening remarks.  I received a sad face emoji but there was more to come.  The girls immediately when down to the field to experience running through some NFL drills.  they did hurdles, moved through tackling dummies and even had a chance to kick a field goal.  Although it wasn’t pretty, Nikki kicked one right through the uprights.

After they were done moving through drills they caught some of the player lip sync battle.  Nikki was also fortunate enough to run into a couple of players, Vinny Curry and Wendell Smallwood.  She was still dying to meet her favorite, Zach Ertz.  All in due time, honey all in due time.

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She walked around a bit a checked out the Eagles locker room, and sat through a defensive meeting.  The assistant coach ran through and broke down defensive concepts with the ladies.  My wife thought that this was a really cool and she learned a lot.  Once they got done there they decided to walk around a bit and just check things out.  They found themselves walking down the tunnel and there was Doug Pederson the head coach taking pics and singing autographs for people.  She began yelling Doug we love you, and was super pumped to meet Coach.  She got up there and faced time me, it was neat talking to the head coach of the Birds.  She got her pick and moved on.  Well she moved on after telling Coach to have a great season and that she loved him.  She loves everyone.

On their way the went, when all of a sudden like a great god floating down from the heavens Zach Ertz appeared.  Ok so he was standing there like a normal man but she gets excited and things take on a life of their own with her.  So this was it, the one she was waiting for she was going to meet her favorite player, unless B-Dawk showed then it would have been see you later Zachy Boy.  Dawkins is the Man.  She probably would have done the Wolverine roll right up to him.  Anyway back to Zach, she got so excited she said “honey I think I proposed to him, but I realized he was married,”  I am totally cool with it but he would have owed me a couple more season tickets.

If you have a wife that is into football I would highly suggest this event.  The cost is low and there are tons of things to do.  Below you will see the schedule they had.  It’s almost to much to do in one day.  This is cool because it spreads out the people and leaves plenty of chances to do what you love.  I can tell you that she said it was one of the coolest events she has ever done.


Relax it’s Sunday

This morning is glorious!  I love being able to sit out side and reflect on a great week gone by.  Nikki got to West Palm Beach, we won our first and only soccer match this season, and went to Citizens Bank Park for a beer and wine festival.  Nikki will be heading out today to attend the Football Festival for Women at Lincoln Financial Field.  I got her tickets for this event for mother’s day and she couldn’t have been happier.

The wife is awfully lucky to be able to travel for work and she gets to enjoy some nice places from time to time.  This week she ended up in West Palm Beach and Singer Island IMG_2824in Florida.  One of her favorite moments was sitting on the beach late at night with a glass of wine and just listening to the waves crash.  It’s times like that where you can take in a deep breath and enjoy living and realize how good life can be.  She was able to enjoy a couple of bars and restaurants while she was down there and try to convince me that we are going to move to Florida now.  According to her I need to buy a condo in Chicago, Florida, and Dewey Beach.  How the hell am I going to make that happen.

This year our local soccer league needed some coaches so the wife and I volunteered to coach our oldest daughters team.  Yeah your right I don’t shit about soccer.  With that being said it isn’t that hard to coach 8-10 year olds.  Stick to simple things and remember that they will only retain about ten percent of what you are showing them.  I mean, hell they thought the medals they got were fidget spinners.  We lost most games, tied one, and IMG_3347this week we won our last game.  We couldn’t have been happier or more excited for them.  One of our girls even got a hat trick.  The wife took on head coaching responsibilities and did a great job.  She would have rather coached softball but that isn’t what our daughter likes.  Josh was our assistant coach and did a great job helping us out and to be honest coached us more than he coached the kids.  The girls stuck together all season and went out with a win.

So then there was Saturday, oh what a shit show that was.  No really I had an amazing time hanging out at Citizens Bank Park and drinking more beers than I can remember.  Some were good and some just sucked all together.  The best part was that the wifey and I had a great time together.  We got to go on the field, walk the base paths, touch home plate, and take a few photos in the dugout.  So I now have been on the Lincoln Financial Field, played lacrosse at the Wells Fargo Center, and now been on the Phillies Field.   IMG_3363Yesterday’s events included more the 200 beers of which my head feels like a drank all 200.  I did time traveled a bit at the end of the day well maybe more than a bit.  I really wanted some nachos last night and never got them.  I did manage to destroy some chicken tenders and chips, of which I don’t remember.

The wife gets to end the weekend with a bang, heading to Lincoln Financial Field to hang out with some of the players, run drills, win prizes, and have a great time.  The Eagles are holding their second annual Football Festival for Women.  I thought this would be a great mothers day gift and apparently I hit a home run.  She was more than excited when she got the tickets for the event and almost jumped out of here shoes.  It got a lot better when she found out that Zach Ertz was going to be there.  Hope she can grab some autographs for the collection.  This will help kickoff the new season, oh and I got my season tickets of this season also.  Oh what a week.

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