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Eagles vs. Rams

Well last week the Birds did the exact opposite of what it was going to take to win against the Seahawks.  They didn’t protect the ball, they didn’t protect the QB, they couldn’t run effectively, and they surely didn’t contain Russell Wilson.  They clearly had issues with the noise in that stadium and now you can see why home field advantage is so important.  Congrats to the Seahawks.  On to the Rams.

Moving a team back to L.A was a horrible idea, and moving two teams may have been one of the dumbest things that the NFL has ever done.  It’s so bad that they had to put out an open casting call for people to act like Rams fans for the broadcast on Sunday.  They had to do this because the Eagles will be playing a home game on the road because so many fans are going to attend.  Great job NFL.

Todays theme will be to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball.  If you didn’t understand what I was saying earlier RUN THE BALL.  The Rams are 27th against the run.  The Eagles are #2 in rush offense.  Keeping the Rams offense off the field will be key to getting this victory.  The Rams like to get out of the huddle quickly so that Head Coach McVay can read the defense and relay the options into Goff.  In the QB’s helmet the coach can talk to the QB until there is 17 seconds left on the play clock then the ear piece turns off.  The Rams use this to their full advantage.  It will be key for the Eagles to disguise their defense until that time.  If they show anything to early then they could get torched.

Defensively the Eagles will have to get after and frustrate the young QB.  They need to force him to make quick decisions in the pocket and flush him out to his weak side.  Doing this will likely lead to a couple of turn overs.  This is all predicated on the fact that the Eagles D will have to stop Todd Gurley.  If you don’t stop him it will be a long day.  The good thing is that we have the #1 rush defense.

I expect the Eagles to show some passion this week and show off Carson and that run game a bit.  Carson is the better of the two QB’s playing today and he will prove it.

Final Score 27 – 17 Eagles.

Ajayi goes off for 100 plus yards today.

Eagles vs. Seahawks

The Eagles have become the talk of the town and the best team in the NFL.  Well over the next two weeks they will have a chance to prove it.  Over the next two weeks the birds will have to travel out west first to play the Seahawks and then to take on the Rams.  This will challenge the Eagles in so many ways yet if they can come out on top they will with out a doubt be the favorite to go all the way.

The Eagles have just resigned Alshon Jeffrey to a 4 year extension.  Once again the Eagles are using the blue print that was set by the Seahawks when they realized they had a franchise QB in Russell Wilson.  The blue print is sign your talent early and set the contracts to expire around the time that you will need to pay the young QB big money.  This gives the team the ability to be extremely competitive over the next 4 years.  By then if Carson is everything we think he is then we will have no problem being competitive for the next decade or more.  The signing of Jerningan was just another example of that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles aren’t done.  I am also glad that they don’t care about re-working contracts in the middle of the season.  There is no rule that you have to wait, get it while it’s good.

So for the game this weekend we will talk about some of the struggles the Eagles may face going into a hostile environment like the Seattle.

  1. You have to travel out west which is always problematic.
  2. You are going to Seattle which has been has the toughest place to play in December the last few years, its loud, its passionate, and we can’t take it over with Eagles fans.
  3. Russell Wilson is playing his best football right now.
  4. The noise will make the Eagles have to use more silent count.  This could lead to more false starts.
  5. Seahawks Need this win, because they want to reach the Rams who we happen to play the very next week.

So with the struggles that will exist there are some positives for the Eagles which will help them out this week.

  1.  They are 4-1 on the road this season.
  2. They kill the run game, and the Seahawks are currently ranked 20th in rush offense.  Not good for them.
  3. The Eagles are going to force Russell Wilson to beat us through the air and since the return of Darby the Eagles are only looking better and better.
  4. The Eagles front seven is almost unstoppable at this point.
  5. The Birds are only the 5th Team in NFL history to throw 28 TD’s and rush for more than 1600 yards through 11 games.  That is amazing because they have yet to have a single back go over 100 yards in a game.

With all of this being said and the numbers slightly favoring the Eagles, this game will be tough, it will be a defensive battle against an up and coming team and a battled tested team.  The Seahawks know how to win during this time of the year.  It will be a tough first half of football as the two team go through the chess match of figuring out each other.  I don’t expect the birds to begin to pull away until the 4th quarter.  This is when the run game will begin to wear down the Seahawks and the Carson starts to sling the rock.

Predictions for the game

  1.  Carson two more touchdowns one to Ertz and one to Alshon.
  2.  Three backs will have 50 or more yards rushing, and at least one TD.
  3. Two Interceptions by the Defense.
  4. Three sacks, Jerningan, Graham, and Cox.

Final:  24 – 17 Eagles.  This will be fun to watch.


Coaching Youth Football – When you don’t have a dog in the Fight

Well it looks like I just completed my third season of youth football.  Each season I have been fortunate enough to be the assistant coach helping teach kids the fundamentals of football.  We volunteer our time and comes with a lot of highs and lows.  For myself I don’t have a “Dog in the Fight,” meaning I don’t have a son on the team.  I have two little girls that play soccer.  Why am I not writing about them today you ask, because there isn’t enough internet to talk about my angels. Back to the boys.

Not having a kid that plays allows me to evaluate and yell at each kid with equal passion.  This is makes it fun but even better than that I can take joy in watching each young man progress during the season.  This is the part that makes it worth while.  We invest a lot of time discussing each kid and where their current strengths are on the field.  This does not always mesh well with what the parents believe their talents are but that’s okay.  The key is getting the children to learn as many positions as they can and learn enough not to get hurt on the field of play.  Some kids will only play the line, others will play running back, and some will only play on defense.  The key is for them to learn discipline on the field and understand what it is like to work and move as a team.

The foundation for the  head coaches philosophy is to start with discipline, and playing hard.  If we do the right things and play hard winning will be the by-product of this.  Now I can also say that winning isn’t the first thought in our minds.  Yes we do want to win every game but we also want the kids to learn the fundamentals of the game so that they can play at the next level.  When I say next level I don’t mean the NFL, I mean the next level of youth football.  NO YOUR CHILD PROBABLY isn’t going to make it to the league, but he can have a  long and fun youth, highschool, and collegiate career if they play hard and stay disciplined.

The most satisfying moment of the season came in a game that we didn’t even need to win.  In the current rules there can be a coach on the field to assist the players in getting set.  This is generally necessary because the kids lack focus and tend to either false start IMG_3363 (1) or line up incorrectly or run the wrong play.  We as a team prided ourselves in the focus and discipline of our team.  This all came together in one gamer where for one series we gave the plays to the young QB while his center got the huddle together and let them run the plays on their own.  They did this with zero error and was amazing to watch since it hasn’t been done at our level all season or after.  For the coaching staff this was a major win because it showed that our boys were playing at a much higher level as far as fundamental football goes.

This year flew by just as the others had and we had a great time doing it.  The parents were the best group we have had so far in the three years that we have been coaching.  The boys grew as young football players tremendously and it showed.  Some of the kids were very raw that we got this year.  By the end of the season they were all playing at an amazing level.  Our starting backfield developed into to amazing runners, which was great because the season before they barely got to touch the ball.  The defense got more and more intense and as the season went on and they developed into a group that could keep us in any game.  The maturity level that this team displayed was second to none.  this group didn’t talk trash, they always played with extreme sportsmanship, and they worked together as a team.  We never told anyone child that they were better then the other boys, never eluded to a favorite, never let anyone think that they were any less important then the next kids.  All of the kids played a huge part in the success of the season.

The biggest props needs to go to the most thankless job in football and that is the offensive and defensive lines.  The lines are the most important job in the game and with out sound play at those positions the defense can’t stop anyone and the offense will never move forward.  This group worked hard together all season and to watch them move as one unit on both sides of the ball was amazing to watch.  My hat goes off to them because we would have never gotten as far as we did if it wasn’t for the selfless play of those kids, who by the way never complained.  These boys just put their heads down and grinded it out.

Many will determine that our season was not a success because we didn’t win the championship.  I will argue the opposite.  The season was a monumental success do to the growth of the boys this year.  Hopefully we get to move up to the next level next season becuase I believe we have an amazing foundation and footprint to help develop great football players.  Although we want to win, we want to develope first.  Winning will come when these boys go to highschool and college.  Yes I agree that winning is also an amazing tool and teaches great lessons, but more important is that losing teaches even more and always re-enforces that lessons that were put forth.

Congrats to the parents and players from this years Little Pro Eagles of the MOT youth football program.  These boys had an amazing season and have come a long way and will be great next season when the return to the little pros or move up to freshman football.  The MOT Youth football program is in a great place and has some great coaches coming up in its ranks.  I am happy to be a part of it and always thankful that I get to play a part in teaching and developing young men into not just great football players but great people.

I want to personally thank the league and more importantly all the parents that stuck with us even when it didn’t look like things were working, I can tell you that once the boys excepted the lessons they began to win.  This was all set forth by the head coach Donnie.  He will never accept credit for doing great things but he puts in an amazing IMG_3364.JPGamount of time and energy each week to get these kids prepared to play football.  I know this because I am not just his assistant coach but his boss, so I see it everyday, literally every day.

Lastly I want to thank my wife for allowing me to assist in coaching these kids, it takes up some of my time from the family but she knows I truly enjoy it even thought I don’t have a dog in the fight.


Eagles vs. Broncos

The Eagles are in for a tough defensive game this week with the Denver Broncos coming to town.  They match up well on defense and with the LT Jason Peters out expect the Broncos to throw a lot at Big V, yes big V because his name is to hard for most people to pronounce.  Oh you don’t think so, well here try it out.  Halapoulivaati Vaitai (pronounced hal-lah-poo-lee-VAH-tee VIE-tie), yeah even with the pronunciation help you still screwed it up.   Any way, they are going to throw a lot his way not because he sucks but because he isn’t Jason Peters.  He may be one day just not today.  This will be okay because we can offset the blitz with quick passes and a fluid running game.

Wait!!!!!!! Did some one say running game, hell yeah.  Jay Ajayi, welcome to Philly big dog.  We are already the #5 rushing team in the NFL and with the addition of Ajayi we will be the number 1 team over the next 8 games.  Ajayi is coming off a short practice week which means he will get some designed carries.  I expect him to run the ball 10-15 times at most.  I do think he will find the end-zone.  Being able to run the ball effectively will offset the blitz packages that are sure to come.  Plus its age-old tactics in football that you use the run to set up the pass.  Did someone say pass, oh yeah that’s right we have the MVP from the first half of the season in Carson Wentz who is nasty on third downs and just so happens to lead the league in TD passes.   Sorry Deshaun Watson, it would have been nice to see you and Carson battle for that top spot.  You two are the wave of the future in this league.

The Eagles will struggle a little in the beginning but ultimately take care of business.  The statue known as Brock Osweiler will turn the ball over at least twice, and get sacked at least 3 times in the game.  Eagles will drop over 20 points in this one continuing their streak of 20+ points in a game to 13 straight games dating back to last season.

Final Score in this 24-13.  Eagles of Course.

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!



Eagles vs A team formally known as the 49ers.

This game has all the markings to be a huge ass whoopin.  Let’s just break down some of the Rankings for both teams.

  1.  49ers Offense is #23 in the rush.  Eagles Defense is # 1 Against the run.  ( Edge Eagles)
  2.  49ers Defense is #29 against the rush.  Eagles Offense is #4 in the run ( Edge Eagles )
  3.  49ers Defense is #32 against 3rd down conv.  Eagles offense is # 1 for 3rd down conv.  ( Edge Eagles)

Listen the list goes on and on in favor of the Eagles.  The 49ers have to travel to the East coast and play in conditions that will be favorable to the run game.  It’s supposed to rain Sunday which means we should see the ball in the running backs hands a lot.  This game isn’t even going to be close.  The Eagles will dominate the game clock and run the ball most of the day.  The Eagles will easily reach their 6th straight victory and start to prepare for the Broncos to come to town.

Lastly I would like to address all these people (Cowboy Fans) complaining about the schedule we have.  Sorry but we can’t play the Patriots 16 times a season we have to play the teams on our schedule.  Instead of complaining about who we are playing start complaining that these teams can’t d beat us.   See you in a couple of Weeks.

Final Score 34 – 6.

GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Eagles vs. Panthers

The Eagles continue to impress. I am trying to hold back my excitement because I want to see them play a higher caliber of talent.  Well would you look at that we get to play the Panthers this week who just so happen to 4-1 as well.  This is going to be a great test for the Eagles.  They have to get a quick turn and have to travel.  This isn’t going to benefit the birds.  Although they have been playing good football their wins have come against some week competition.  The Combined record of their opponents is 10-14 with 5 of those wins belonging to the Chiefs, a game we lost.  I want to get excited but I want to stay realistic also.  If they find a way to pull off the victory this week then they go into a 10 day layoff and play the Redskins on Monday night Football at home.  This will be tough though since they will be missing Lane Johnson and Fletcher Cox.  They will need to do everything they can to keep Cam Newton off of the Field.

For the Eagles to win they will have to dominate the play clock by running the football and converting those third downs. Cam is hot in his last couple games throwing over 670 yards and 6 touchdowns with both games on the road.  This week he is home and unlike the LA Chargers his fans will be there for him.  If the Eagles allow him to get on the field to often at some point he will burn them.  Carolina is only allowing 194 Yards of passing this season which is ranked 5th in the league.  The Run isn’t much better either, they are only allowing 79 yards a game.  It’s these reasons that the Eagles will have a difficult time this week.  Don’t get down on them though they will follow up with a convincing win against those Redskins on Monday night October 23.


FINAL SCORE 24 – 20 Carolina

Eagles vs. Cardinals

Eagles are coming off another great football game.  I really like the way they are game planning their opponents and more than anything how active the running game has become.  This helps that the last two opponents were terrible against the run.  The Cardinals are coming into a bad situation this week where they are coming off an overtime victor in San Fran and now how travel to the East Coast to play the Eagles.  This game will not go well for the Cards.

I expect the Cardinals are declining each week in the run game department.  This won’t be any different this week.  Sine the loss Johnson in their back field it will be difficult for them to run the ball against this Eagles Defense.  The part of their offense that is a concern is their ability to throw and our inability to stop the pass.

Non of this should matter though because much like last week the Eagles will do a great job at keeping their offense off the field.  I expect the Eagles to throw the ball more in the first half and then get back to the running game late in the third and fourth quarter.  If everything goes right the second should be fairly boring.  That is a good thing.  This is a team that the Eagles should be and will beat.

This weeks Score will be an easy one  27 -10 Eagles.

Eagles vs Redskins

Today kicks off the Eagles Regular Season.  My predication for today’s game is 33-13 Eagles.  Sure that seems like a lot but the birds are new and improved.  Going into today’s game the Eagles will control the ball with a new and improved rushing game led by Blount.  Carson Wentz will throw over three hundred yards today with at least two TD passes.  The rest of the scoring will come from on the ground and field goals.  The defense will spend much of their time in the Redskins back field applying pressure all day.  You will see the Eagles come away with 3 sacks today, one by Barnett, and at least one pick.  Expect Alshon to have a great game with 8 to 10 catches and over a hundred years receiving.

That is my take on the game leave a comment and let me know what your predictions are.

76ers Draft 2017

I have been waiting what feels like forever to have some form of good basketball back in Philadelphia.  We had a glimmer of hope last year before they shut down the roster.  This draft could be where the Sixers actually get a player that will play right out of of the gate.  That’s right, no weird injuries, no overseas contract, just hard basketball and excitement back in Philly.

The draft this year is loaded with talent and at number three spot the 76ers will have the chance to hopefully draft and impact player in Josh Jackson out of Kansas.   This guy has a good all around game, is patient, and has good size.  He has some ability to pass the rock as well.  He has a Lebron type of game play (This is not the next Lebron James – he is a once a generation player) and can do a lot on the floor.  At 6-8 he just continues to add size to an already large lineup with Ben Simmons Ben Simmons at 6-10 and Joel Embiid at 7-0.  The down fall the Sixers may get into a situation where there is to much young talent and not enough basketballs to go around.  Unselfish game play will be a must in the city of Brotherly love.

If the Sixers get beat and Jackson goes at #2 to the Lakers I only hope that they don’t take Lonzo Ball.  I am not saying this because I think his dad is crazy but everything is indicating that Ben Simmons is going to be your point guard.  So why would you draft another point guard unless you are going to move Simmons to the three (SF).  If you don’t get Jackson at three then the next logical pick should be Malik Monk.  Monk is widely considered the best pure shooter in this draft.  His 6-3 height is a little small at the #2 (SG) spot but with Ben Simmons being 6-10 he should draw larger defenders.  In either scenario the combination of Simmons and either Monk or Jackson is going to generate some awesome basketball.  The key to a playoff run is going to be the Health of Joel Embiid.

In the later rounds the Sixers should either package the picks to try and get a veteran on the team to help guide all this young talent or if they don’t package picks then it’s all about continuing to add shooters to the bench.  The Sixers are coming into a great spot where the can begin to get good and have an chance to add some amazing free agents in the next couple of years.  This all hinges on them staying healthy and being contenders.


DOW (Drinks of the Week)

Mother of God what have I done to myself.  We went to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia to enjoy the All Star Craft Beer and Wine Festival.  The event has over 100 craft brewers and distillers.  There was more than just beer there, they also had wine and whiskey.  We went with the VIP tickets to get in a little early and have a chance to walk the base paths, get into the dugout, and hang out in the Hall of Fame Club area which featured DJ’s and even more alcohol.

So yeah it started off innocently enough until I got past the front gates.  We got beer immediately, I started with New Belgium Melon Ale that was sweet and delicious.  Once we got a drink we hustled down to the field to walk the base paths and touch home plate. IMG_3363 Following that we were able to go to the dugout and get a couple of good pics.  It’s pretty cool to see the stadium from that perspective.  I have been fortunate enough that I have been able to get on the Eagles Field, Phillies Field, and played lacrosse in the Wells Fargo Center back when it was the F U Center.  Lucky Guy right.

The VIP tickets allowed us to get in an hour earlier and gave us access to the Hall of Fame section of the stadium.  I was drinking beer at a ridiculous pace as if I were the Usain Bolt of drunks fast.  I jumped from line to line finishing one beer after another and found that I was feeling pretty good fast.  The issue was that I still had another 4 hours to go, WTF was I thinking.  F@#$ that it was time to bow up and get it in so I made the only wise choice that was available at the time, get the free bourbon.  I gotcha looking back maybe not my smartest choice but I made a decision and went with it.  See we added a life lesson in here.

Right after I got the bourbon I turned and there was a stand that had Hank Sauce.  What is Hank Sauce you ask, it’s just some slamming hot sauce.  I will admit this was good decision number two.  Right after getting the bourbon I decided that I would try Honey Habanero Sauce.  This shit set my face and mouth on fire.  I tried to act like a tough guy by saying things like “No it’s not that bad, just tickles the tongue a bit.”  Tickles the tongue, fuck that it was like a thousand mini heat ninjas were raging a war on my mouth.  I had to extinguish this fire and the only smart option was Sangria.  I noticed there is a trend of good decisions being made along the drunken journey.

By 3 o’clock i had run through about 20 different beers.  I justified this action based off of the fact that I was drinking from a smaller cup.  Yes, that makes it okay ask any alcoholic.  I got it, thats like saying I didn’t do a lot of cocaine because I used a 1 dollar bill and not a full Benjamin.  Whatever don’t judge me.  The beers were mixed on flavor of all kinds yet there seemed to be a heavy emphasis on the IPA’s and Melon flavored beer.  I think that my favorite beer of the day was Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.  This had a great finish to it and was delicious.  Even the wife enjoyed it and she doesn’t care much for the beers.  She stuck to wine, whiskey, and vodka.

At 3 the crowd grew because the general tickets were coming in so we headed up to the Hall of Fame Club to get a way from some of the crowd.  They had more beer and drinks up there plus DJ’s playing and some food.  You could tell we were in a nicer part of the stadium because it had carpet and didn’t smell like bad decisions.  Around 3:30 we decided it was time to eat so we split a cheese steak and crab fires from Chickie and Petes.  The large quantity of alcohol that I had helped to enhance the flavors of this meal.  I was eating like a king.  Well at least that is how I felt on the inside on the outside I probably looked like a sloppy fat ass scarfing down his last meal before heading out for more pillaging.  The smell of bead decisions was increasing.

Off we went to drink some more and talk to total strangers.  There were some cool people at the event.  We got to talking to this one couple that had recently moved to the area from Atlanta.  They didn’t meet in Atlanta though they met in Philadelphia.  Neither one IMG_3404of them were Eagles or Phillies fans so I wished them the worst and moved on.  We continued to drink and bullshit with people for the next couple of hours and by 6 we decided to move over to Xfinity Live and grab some drinks there while we waited for Dave our driver to pick us up.  No way in hell was I ever going to get behind a wheel after an event like this one.

Xfinity live was hopping like it always is.  Once at the bar we grabbed a Captain and Coke for the wife and a Jameson and Ginger for myself.  I could start to feel the dimensions shift on me at this point and I knew that the spaceship would be picking me up soon.  Memories at this point begin to fade.  Looking back on the videos that were taken I professed my love for Nachos, slept the entire way home, and made a wonderful dish of half-cooked chicken tenders and potato chips.  I also shot another video were I can no longer operate one of my eyes.  You can see the video on the His Vault Facebook Page.  I managed to time travel from around 6:30 pm until I woke up on my living room floor at 3 am.  I took my ass up stairs and passed out in the bed smiling from the day that I just head.

Citizens Bank All Star Craft Beer Festival is awesome and I plan on making it an annual trip.  Below will be some of the beers that I remember and some that I believe I drank but not to sure.  I can’t tell you what most of them tasted like because they all started to run together.  Now it’s time to get a little hair of the dog.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Left Hand Brewing Company

Terrapin Brewing Company

Dock Street Brewing

Forgotten Boardwalk

Kentucky Ale



Sly Fox Beer

Stone Brewing

Tiki Sangria

Weyerbacher Brewing

High West Whiskey

New Belgium

Dark Horse Wine

Bare Foot Wine

Houser Estate Winery

Sobieski Vodka

Starr Hill Brewery

The Owls Brew

Zyr Vodka

Ballast Point

Boulevard Brewing

Double Nickle Brewing

Moon Dancer Wine

Two Roads Brewing

2SP Brewing

Boulder Beer

Copper Tail Brewing

Flying Fish

Sea Dog Brewing

Six Point Brewing

Green Flash Brewing