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Relax It’s Sunday

Another week down and once again we had some fun.   We had a decent week of work, and had ourselves an amazing weekend.  I am pretty sure that I still have a football high from the birds winning the Super Bowl so it’s going to hard to bring me down.  I just got an excitement boner thinking about it again.  We will skip past Monday because nobody fucking likes Monday and we will move further into the week.  The wife has a new job interview coming up, we celebrated her birthday, there was valentines day, I got promoted last week, and we celebrated POP’s 89th Birthday, and I remain the coolest dude ever.   Continue reading “Relax It’s Sunday”

Eagles vs. Seahawks

The Eagles have become the talk of the town and the best team in the NFL.  Well over the next two weeks they will have a chance to prove it.  Over the next two weeks the birds will have to travel out west first to play the Seahawks and then to take on the Rams.  This will challenge the Eagles in so many ways yet if they can come out on top they will with out a doubt be the favorite to go all the way.

The Eagles have just resigned Alshon Jeffrey to a 4 year extension.  Once again the Eagles are using the blue print that was set by the Seahawks when they realized they had a franchise QB in Russell Wilson.  The blue print is sign your talent early and set the contracts to expire around the time that you will need to pay the young QB big money.  This gives the team the ability to be extremely competitive over the next 4 years.  By then if Carson is everything we think he is then we will have no problem being competitive for the next decade or more.  The signing of Jerningan was just another example of that.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles aren’t done.  I am also glad that they don’t care about re-working contracts in the middle of the season.  There is no rule that you have to wait, get it while it’s good.

So for the game this weekend we will talk about some of the struggles the Eagles may face going into a hostile environment like the Seattle.

  1. You have to travel out west which is always problematic.
  2. You are going to Seattle which has been has the toughest place to play in December the last few years, its loud, its passionate, and we can’t take it over with Eagles fans.
  3. Russell Wilson is playing his best football right now.
  4. The noise will make the Eagles have to use more silent count.  This could lead to more false starts.
  5. Seahawks Need this win, because they want to reach the Rams who we happen to play the very next week.

So with the struggles that will exist there are some positives for the Eagles which will help them out this week.

  1.  They are 4-1 on the road this season.
  2. They kill the run game, and the Seahawks are currently ranked 20th in rush offense.  Not good for them.
  3. The Eagles are going to force Russell Wilson to beat us through the air and since the return of Darby the Eagles are only looking better and better.
  4. The Eagles front seven is almost unstoppable at this point.
  5. The Birds are only the 5th Team in NFL history to throw 28 TD’s and rush for more than 1600 yards through 11 games.  That is amazing because they have yet to have a single back go over 100 yards in a game.

With all of this being said and the numbers slightly favoring the Eagles, this game will be tough, it will be a defensive battle against an up and coming team and a battled tested team.  The Seahawks know how to win during this time of the year.  It will be a tough first half of football as the two team go through the chess match of figuring out each other.  I don’t expect the birds to begin to pull away until the 4th quarter.  This is when the run game will begin to wear down the Seahawks and the Carson starts to sling the rock.

Predictions for the game

  1.  Carson two more touchdowns one to Ertz and one to Alshon.
  2.  Three backs will have 50 or more yards rushing, and at least one TD.
  3. Two Interceptions by the Defense.
  4. Three sacks, Jerningan, Graham, and Cox.

Final:  24 – 17 Eagles.  This will be fun to watch.


Eagles vs KC

Last week was a great way to kick off the NFL season.  The Chiefs beat the brakes off of the Pats.  The Eagles worked over the Redskins.  My prediction last week was 33-13 and we got real close to that.  I told you that Carson would go over 300 and two TD’s which he did.  I missed on Alston as Josh Norman locked him down almost all day.   No worries though.

If everything goes right today I think the Eagles can squeeze out a close one.   Carson will go for 280 plus today with two more TDs.  Alshon will get his first today.  Blount will see the end zone also.   The Chiefs will be missing Eric Berry today and it will show.  This should be a fun back and forth game will the Andy and Doug going toe to toe on their play calling.  The difference today will be the Eagles defense. Expect them to bottle up Kareem Hunt and keep Hill in check on the outside.  They will have to watch the screen plays.  The Lbs will have to be on their toes to ensure the speedster doesn’t get to the outside.

This weeks score 27-24 Eagles.   It will be a tough one.

GO Birds.

Relax It’s Sunday

Coming to you guys a bit late this Sunday because my body is still adjusting to post vacation life.  Being away from home for two weeks means that there is a lot to do around the house, so that’s what we did.  I am now sitting here trying to put something together to reflect on the awesome week that we had.

Sunday Funday at the Starboard lasted about 4 hours for me until I blacked out and had to go home.  That was at about 3 in the afternoon.  I have to thank the Selfie king for that one, he hooked us up with drinks.  They went down real well.  I am pretty sure I saw Elvis.  We ate and drank until I literally couldn’t stand anymore.  I am pretty sure that I saw some other people I know there but can’t recall.

The rest of the week I had to try to work while the wife and kids hung out on the beach.  At night we did plenty from going to Fun Land in Rehoboth, to Papa Grandes, or just hanging on the porch and enjoying each other’s company.   We also sat one night and ate at Jimmys Grill who has one of the best outdoor eating areas around.  The chicken is really good also.

Friday came to fast and we decided to start packing up most everything and preparing to head out early on Saturday.  The plan was great until we began drinking.  It kinda went to shit after that.  The wife invited an old high school buddy over who turned out to be pretty awesome.  We spent the night talking and making each other laugh, well it was more like I was hosting a comedic show with a limited audience.  I was just happy everyone was cool and we could all just have a good time.

Sadly Saturday was the day to leave.  We all said our goodbyes to the beach house and IMG_2986headed off into the rain.  The traffic was light and we got home pretty quickly.  There is nothing like coming home after being away for a bit.  The cat was happy to see us and we off loaded everything pretty quickly.   Once done we began to decompress, and when I say decompress I mean sit on the couch.  I had a football draft to attend for the team I help coach so my nap was to come later.  The wife on the other hand got some well deserved rest.

The wife has already booked the beach house again for next year.  We are excited to start making this a family tradition.  The girls had a great time and we made more memories than we can count.  We were able to make some Long Live Dewey and the good times that have been had there.

Relax It’s Sunday

Wow what a good week.  I have an unhealthy love for the summer time.  21 June marked the official beginning of summer and the unofficial beginning of good times.  We ensured that we started the weekend a little early, like Thursday night.  DP and his family came by the house, we had a great night out Friday night with an unexpected couple, met a cool Uber driver, and went to a birthday party on Saturday were I agreed to by my kid a four-wheeler.  I don’t know what I was thinking on that last part.  Nothing really notable for the work week do it being pretty quiet.

Thursday was an unexpected night were DP and the family stopped by.  DP brought over some Kona Beer’s and a sixer of Troegs Sunshine Pils.  We sat in the garage and BS’d for a while.  It’s always nice to just sit and enjoy the night with family.  We talked about the everything from highschool, to getting old.  It’s funny to look back and realize how long we have known each other.  We also confirmed out future plans of learning to play the bag pipes, getting motorcycle licenses, and we are going to fly single engine planes.  We have strong ambitions to become the most interesting people ever.

Friday night we went out to Chesapeake Inn and had a blast with a couple we don’t usually hang out with.  That of course will now change considering the amount of fun we had, it’s nice to form new friendships.  The night was filled with laughs, dancing, drinking, and just a flat out awesome time.  I did manage to time travel a bit, but did wake up in my bed.  I also had mystery vomit that took a couple of hours to locate.  It went undetected so long that I thought I made it up in my head.  My 8-year-old was the lucky winner to find it.

After brushing of the cob webs and throwing down a bloody mary, Saturday was off to a hot start.   We went over to a friend’s house who was having a birthday party for there six year old.  This was perfect because we could take the kids over and let them get wore out playing and going down the giant inflatable water slide.  Saturday turned into the day that I agreed to purchase a lot of things.  First I believe that I am going into business of renting our giant inflatable slides, and I am buying a four-wheeler for my 8-year-old.  This caused my wife to give me one of those looks.  Yeah that look that you’re doing right now, don’t judge me it sounded good when I agree to it.

Sunday is clean up day.  I decided to stay home and do some cleaning while the wife is heading out to Chesapeake Inn for a Ladies day brunch thingy.  I really didn’t know what else to call it but it’s brunch and Mimosa’s so she should have a good time.  Later today we have a meeting for Little Pro Football as DP, Adam, and myself get ready to start another season of coaching the kids.  For DP and myself we are heading into our third season now and we hope to be the favorites this year.  It is exciting watching these kids grow.  My fall should be jam-packed with football and Rylee wants to play soccer again.

All in all another great week down and some more memories created.  New friendships cemented and old ones just continue to grow.  Summer time is off and running and we going to spend it chasing good times.  Take today to sit back and reflect on a great week that was.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.


Relax It’s Sunday

This week ends with us celebrating Memorial Day Weekend.  This is a great weekend for fiends and family to get together and enjoy a day of freedom provided by those men and women who served in our Armed Forces and gave there lives for life and liberty.  Many will argue that this weekend isn’t about bbq’s and the beach, yet as a veteran I will tell you to celebrate this weekend how ever you want, the only thing we ask is that you take a quick moment to remember why this weekend is important.  Remember those who laid the path that we now get to walk.

Memorial day weekend is a great way for America to show how free it truly is.  I love this weekend and I love seeing people get together and anytime that can happen is truly special.  I can’t speak for everyone out there but enjoy it.  Go ahead and drink  some beers, swim, talk about the good old days before fidgit spinners and rompers.  Put the phone down and flip a couple of burgers,  play volleyball or go out on a boat celebrate with a tall glass of freedom.

This weekend we headed down to the beach down to the beach to hang out with some great people.  Saturday gave us a house party at Joey Z’s.  The best was that I ran into an FullSizeRender (2)old friend that I wouldn’t have expected to see.  The notorious Pat Williams, star running back from the University of Delaware.  It was one of those moments when someone walks through the door and your like “HOLY SHIT WHAT ARE DOING HERE.”  That kind of moment.  In the end I ended up time traveling and waking up in a bed that was not mine.  Well at least for a moment I thought I was at home, but I wasn’t.


Today we relax by going out on our buddies Boat and enjoying a day on the water.  We started the morning off with Bloody Mary’s and coffee from Wawa.  Brians house is full of family.  To tell you the truth they are all friends but for me everyone is family and the saying that friends are the family you choose couldn’t be more accurate.  The Funky White Boy and family are in the house as well.   My morning has now moved outside on the deck relaxing with my second Bloody Mary and working on this here blog you are reading.  It’s mornings like this that make you appreciate life, family relaxing, and not a care in the world.  Damn it feels good to be an American.

Check out my Instagram to see more photos.

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Relax It’s Sunday

Another week has snuck by and now it’s time to chill and relax.  This week was uneventful for the most part.  Once Monday was over I already couldn’t wait for Friday to get here.  The best part of the week is that Mothers day is coming this weekend.  We also finalized a few events that we will be attending in the near future, and I worked on a shirt and hat combo for the website.  Looking back now maybe some things did get done.

Mothers day is a great day to take some time and appreciate the mothers out there and for all the hard work that they do throughout the year.  I got my wife two tickets to the Football Festival for Women at Lincoln Financial Field.  I was hoping she would be excited but her reaction was way better than I thought.  I got her two tickets so that she could take another excellent mom with her.  Check out the link provided it’s only their second time hosting the event.  You get to meet players, coaches,   and win tons of prizes.  Can’t wait to see what happens.

Saturday our soccer games got cancelled on Saturday due to rain, sucks for the kids Porkbut it allowed mye some time to do some cooking.  Got a big ass piece pork and smoked that fool.  We also made some avocado deviled eggs which I’ll post in the NOM NOM NOM later this week.  I also picked up some side dishes from the Amish farmers market, philly potato salad and Amish maccaroni salad.  This shit is good.

Saturday night we hit up the 302 Wrestling event at the NUR Temple.  We went to support the Funky White Boy a Delaware Legend, or at least to us a legend.  They did a great job a hyping the event as if his retirement was coming.  Nope got us, he still continues.  If you haven’t ever been to one of these local wrestling events you have to go.  Pack the kids up and enjoy.  The children get sucked in immediately and they will have a blast.

I got up early this morning to get some fresh flowers and coffee for the wife.  I made breakfast for everyone hoping this would wake them up.  This ploy took a while to be effective but it worked.  I put together a breakfast bowl for the wife, it consisted of eggs, potatoes O’Brien, sausage gravy, scrapple, and a piece of bacon.  It’ one of her favorites.  This being mothers day makes all that much better.  Time to sit and relax and enjoy the morning.

Breakfast Skillet

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Relax It’s Sunday

It’s Sunday so relax a bit, maybe kick you feet up and take a deep breath and just enjoy being around awesome people.  Take the day to appreciate those who are close to you in your home or just in your life.  Delaware took a heavy hit with the recent death of one of their beloved State Troopers.  In such tragic moments you can only hope that the community finds a way to pull together.  I won’t bother you with the details of what happened. Just know that a good man lost his life just doing his job, and a family and community are devastated over the acts of one man.  A terrible situation all the way around.   Instead I’ll give you somethings to think about.  I don’t always follow these to a tee but I put in a good effort.

  1.  Put aside petty arguments, time doesn’t stop.  Every minute lost cannot be regained.
  2. Hugs never killed anyone.
  3. Say I love you when ever you get the chance.  It should never lose it’s power, if it does something is wrong.
  4. Change can only be made by you.  Stop waiting for others to change your problems.
  5. Stop wasting time worrying about other peoples problems.
  6. If it doesn’t make you happy it’s probably not for you.
  7. Stop waiting for tomorrow.
  8. The only way to learn is to fail.
  9. Before you criticize someone look in the mirror.
  10. Sometimes saying nothing is the most powerful thing.

Relax It’s Sunday

You know when it is Eagles vs Cowboys it is difficult to relax.  These games mean so much more then just another football game.  These teams hate each other.  Well at least I would like to think that they do.  As far as relaxing goes I am doing my best.  Whipped up an awesome meal for today’s football games, and I have a couple of new beers that I am working through.  I’ll post the recipe in NOM NOM NOM, and talk about the beers in my DOW,  Drinks of the week.  I didn’t get a chance to post last week, because the new job position took a lot of time and I wasn’t able to get to the posts.  This will happen again at some point.

The last two weeks have been a blur, very busy with work, school, football, and just normal family life evens.  I blinked and two weeks went by.  Unreal sometimes, like when your driving and all of a sudden your like how the hell did I get home.  Yeah it was like that.  One of the coolest things that we did, that we do every year, is we went an picked pumpkins.  They lasted about a week, and then began to melt on my steps.  nasty.  Now I got pumpkin shit all over my steps.

Today though it is chill time, cook eat and watch football.   Last night DP and his family came over and the Carsley’s stopped in.  We ate drank and talked about the past, present, and future.  We stepped back in time to 2007, 2008, as well as about  twenty years from now, discussing the wedding plans for my oldest.  Shit I don’t think so.  Great couple of weeks, with plenty of nice days.  I look forward to what this week is going to bring.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.

Relax It’s Sunday

I don’ t seem to have a lot for this week.  The week was pretty quiet for the most part.  Hold on a sec………. Sorry my two-year old thought that it was the perfect time to have a melt down about brushing her teeth.  Well  I guess it’s the Crib for you.  I can do that because I am a man, and adult.  I mean I feel a little bad, wait no f$^# that noise.  I know I know, I will grab her in a minute, these girls will be the death of me.  Anyway back to this week. Hurricane Matthew seems to have taken a path away from the northeast which is awesome, we got our butts kick in youth football, and I made some awesome food this week.  Best part is I am sitting and having a Miller Lite and getting ready to watch some football.  I love Sundays, we sat down as a family this morning and had a big breakfast, turkey bacon, scrapple, pancakes, crepes, and a little scrambled eggs.

I did feel terrible yesterday, my girls have had high fevers this week which lead me to cancelling on two events.  This first was a house-warming for my cousin, so proud he finally got his own place.  The second was DP Killas’ son’s birthday party.  I hate missing anything that involves DP Killa’s son or Sean’s Girls.  Sucks.  So the fevers may have caused us to stay in but we made brownies, and awesome pasta dish,img_5179 and the Stuffed Pepper Soup in the crock pot now.  My oldest help me make everything.  I could spend all day in the kitchen.
I look forward to the upcoming week, I got the Selfie King IPA release on the 15th of October, Pumpkin picking next week, lunch with the Selfie King on Thursday, and hopefully some new beers.  The Eagles are looking good and should pull down another win this week.  I hope everyone else has a great week.


See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler