It’s Gonna Be OK Sixer Fans

If 76er fans are worried about the start so far this season they shouldn’t be.   I originally posted that this team could be the 7th seed this year and I still think that.  They have had a tough start but to their defense every team ,except the Pistons who they beat,  were in the playoffs last year.  Not only were they in the playoffs but they all made it to the Semis or better.  That is a tough start for any team.   Stay with them, this season is going to get real fun real soon.

Washington – Conference Semis

Boston – Conference Finals

Toronto – Conference Semis

Houston – Conference Semis

And So it Begins: UPDATE 7 APRIL 18

So I thought it would be proper to update this since the Sixers just beat the Cavs putting them at 49 Wins for the season.  Below is the article that I wrote at the beginning of the season.  The most glaring to stand out was that I though the Sixers would win between 45-50 games this season.  Now you’ll see that I thought Simmons would break the rookie record for triple doubles.  I may have been off a bit but 2nd most all time for a rookie is pretty damn good.  Also Embiid proved to be the most dominant force on the court.  I will say I screwed up a little by saying they would at least be a 7 seed.  My bad, I didn’t know they would be the 3 or 4 seed.  I can’t get em all right.  Continue Reading