8 years until I retire and I still have no clue what I want to do

8 years seems like a long time but in the reality of things I know it will be here before I know it.  I am always planning for the future yet there is a burning sensation that I have no clue what I am going to do when I retire from military.  I continue to fill my toolbox with all these things that I can do yet have no clue still.  In two years I hope to have my masters completed in home land security but don’t necessarily want to work in the field.  I love cooking and would love to open something on my own but am scared to death of owning a restaurant.  I want to get a real estate license yet I am afraid that I won’t make any money and that the market could be bad.  I want to travel the world eat, drink, and have fun yet don’t know how to make money doing it.  I would love to be a  sports talk radio show host.   So the real question I guess is how do I figure out what to do, how to be happy, and make some money doing it all.


My military career will come to an end in just eight years.  This will be by choice, I don’t want to stay longer than I need to and I will need to give some time back to my family.  I can’t and won’t ever complain about my career because it has given my so much, my house, my education, friends, respect, and allowed me to learn so much about myself.  So some will ask why leave than, it’s because of the earlier statements plus it will just be time to go.  The last eight I consider the back-end of my career because in just six years I will begin to work on leaving the military and transition to the civilian world again.  This will be an exciting time and I truly can’t wait.


The goal for the Master’s Degree was and still is a plan B if I don’t ever find something that I love.  See, I believe that in my second career I should do something that I truly love.  If that is the case then I will be traveling the world and getting paid handsomely for it.  Most likely though this won’t be the case and I will need to make sure that I have a fall back plan, the degree.  I guess folks will question me on why I am  spending all this time getting the Masters and not use it.  Good question, I really don’t have a great answer for you.  I want my daughters to see that it can be done, I want to be the only person in my family to have accomplished it, I really in enjoy the material, and I want the back up plan.   Thats really the jist of it.


Cooking is my happy place in life.  When ever I am stressed I enjoy getting into the kitchen and experimenting with a new recipe or just throwing things together.  When I am in the kitchen everything just goes away and I can focus on the food.  I am by no means a master chef, but I do pretty good in the kitchen.  I believe food brings people together and cooking a meal that everyone loves is very gratifying.  I am happy when everyone else is happy and great food has that effect.  I also enjoy when that food comes together with great conversation.  My favorite holiday is thanksgiving because I get to make the majority of the meal, and once everyone is done they sit and talk at the table.  It’s that moment that I enjoy the most.  am I able to turn this into a career, who the hell knows.  I am scared to death of opening a place of my own, plus I enjoy the experience not everything else that goes with owning a place.  I think that having to manage, and schedule, and all those other aspects will take away from the romance of the experience.


Getting my real estate license is the least likely avenue that I will take.  I think that I like the idea of being a real estate agent more than anything.  Being out of the office, helping people find their forever home.  Again I think I like the idea of this,  my fear would be that I would suck at this and make zero money or the market crashes right as I get my license.  I don’t think I could take putting in all that effort and time just to have something fall through at the last minute and lose out on the commission.  The fantasy in my head is that I sell great big houses and make tons of money doing it.  The reality is that I probably wouldn’t make that much money and end up in an office somewhere doing data analysis for the Department of Homeland Security.


Sports talk radio show.  I would love to sit and talk sports all day everyday.  If I had it my way I would be on the air talking Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers each day.  Years ago I though about going to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and trying to break in to radio that way.  I got scared off and chose a different path.  Once again unable to pull the trigger.  My show would consist of myself and my BFF talking and going back and forth on various topics.  This may be something that I pursue yet but fear it would be too hard to get exactly what I want.  I fear that I would be sitting and playing the same new dumb ass song over and over again until I am forced to beat the hell  out of myself.


My pipe dream, my coup de gras would be traveling the world enjoying various ethnic foods and cultures with great friends.  I would do all the things I love, met great people, and sit in the morning having coffee and talking about my adventures.  This is the one I get lost in, the one I know is the furthest from the truth of my life.  I would have a couple of friends to travel with me, hell we may even have a you tube channel just to document our adventures.  Honestly I just want to travel and share my experiences and yes get paid for doing it.  This would be my true happy place, my true career.  Truth of the matter is that I have no idea how to do this, and it is so different from the structured life I have always lived.  I know where to be and when to be.  I hate being late, I hate not knowing.  I love the idea of not having to watch a clock but after 17 years in the military I don’t know any other way.  When I go on vacation, like the Dublin trip from last year I was more than happy having a loose schedule and not having to follow a clock.  It was nice to just get lost in the day.  My fear is that this is a dream and a dream only and that in 10 years I will be sitting in a cubicle answering to a kid half my age on why the hell I am staring at a photo Australia.  Fuck you Steve it’s my dream, I quit.

Just like that I have already quit a job I don’t have because I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I look forward to the journey and trying to change my ways so that I can eventually do what I love.  Will I ever get there, who knows.  Will I ever met the right people along the way, again who knows.  My life path is unpredictable I only hope that when I come to the cross-road I will have it in my to make the tough choice not the safe choice.  8 more years until I retire, and I have no clue what I want to do.


The Italian Job

Years ago I had the fortune of spending three weeks in Vicenza Italy.  The living conditions were ok, well actually kinda of shitty but that just made it that much more memorable.  The people weren’t to bad either, only a few times did we get hissed at.  Yeah hissed, you read that right.  They would hiss like fucking cats, weird but only a couple of people did it.  This trip changed my mind about wine also.  I thought that it only came in a box.  The food, the drinks, and the experience was amazing.  I’ll try to keep the story limited to the adventures of the 4 horseman.  This is a group of characters who have been friends for long time and all have contrasting personalities.  The group consisted of the following people:  DP KILLA, TAL, CHIZ, and Myself.  I have had many nicknames along the way and depending on who I was with it could change daily.  Some include MAC, Rizza, RIZ, and later down the road Thee Time Traveler.

TAL spent most of his days laying half-naked in his bed trying to get people to look at his newly formed hemorrhoid.  It looked like a tongue sticking out of his ass.  Nasty bastard.  When you got near his sleeping area he would be lying there in his red shorts rubbing his belly and would eventually ask if you were going to finish your food.  We had to continuously give the bear food and alcohol or he would get board and start to fuck with people.

DP Killa was our designated bus driver and would spend the day driving the bus all over Italy.  He didn’t know where he was going but didn’t care.  This man is the king of spontaneous and when he gets locked onto something he just goes with it.  Normally it involves convincing me that it is a good idea and it will totally work out.  I hesitate most times but eventually give in.  If I don’t give in then he just does it anyway.

Chiz is a different animal all together.  This oversized Grasian (Greek Asian) is normally good after a work out.  Not as spontaneous but once it gets alcohol in it, it becomes an uncontrollable machine.  He has a certain smile that will indicate he is juiced up and probably going to take his shirt off.  BIG Fucker.  TAL and Chiz are notorious for there fights.  At some point TAL will either ask or let Chiz punch or slap him in the face.  The Grasian never hits him as hard as he can out of fear that he would kill him.

Then there is me, the guy that gets pulled in all different directions usually ending in doing something with DP Killa.  TAL falls asleep early, Chiz gets nuts, and DP wonders off. I usually will wonder off with DP because our personalities are so close to one another.

It didn’t take us but a couple of days to get adjusted and start venturing out finding things to get into.  The area we were staying at was very rural and there wasn’t much around us.  The building that we stayed in was about two bricks away from being condemned and had no air conditioning.  Fuck it got hot in there.  The only good part about this was that it made us go find shit to do.

The first place we checked out was a small restaurant down the street that had awesome pizza and cheap wine.  Cheap in that it didn’t cost that much.  So like the heathens that we are we all got our own pies and wine and continued to get fat and drunk.  We basically acted like typical Americans or Vikings.  I assume to most other countries there isn’t much difference between the two.  The one lesson we learned at this small establishment was that tipping was almost offensive.  So we tipped anyway.  We would spend a lot of time at this place and enjoy every night that we got to sit outside and share stories and good times.

Most days also consisted of us traveling to a local winery and filling bottle after bottle of wine up.  Again there is an incredible amount of wine there and the locals treated it like we treat soft drinks.  I thought I was doing some real work when I got a couple of 750ml Bottles filled up when a local came in with a ten gallon bottle on a push cart.  Holy Shit this dude became my idol.

We did find another restaurant along the mountain side that served some pretty awesome food.  We weren’t to sure at what we were ordering because the Chef didn’t speak English.  So we just kept agreeing with him and he just kept bringing food.  Eventually the anti-pasta, pasta, seafood, and meat would run through me.  After the third course it was time for me to shit.  So i went in side and to my amazement the toilet was a squatty potty.  I eyed this thing up for a few minutes and then decided I would take this thing on.  Basically it is a porcelain plate on the floor with grippers on each side and a whole you have to aim down.  So I got totally naked except for my sneakers and aimed as best I could.  On the positive side I didn’t shit in my sneakers.

By far our favorite place to go was called the Blue Club.  This was, how do I put it, the greatest strip club I have ever been to.  Yes I go to gentleman’s clubs.  I am a grown ass man and enjoy a good time.  Judge me I don’t care.  I will not go into all of the details of what this place has to offer but what I can tell you is that TAL had a Romanian women he told he was going to marry, Chiz owed 300 bucks at one point, DP Killa was like a 12 year old, and I may or may not have fallen in love with an Italian Girl named, oh who cares what the hell her name was she was hot.  Sorry honey but I was young and impressionable.  Tal also managed to tickle the gigantic black stripper.  Yeah he was tickling a bouncer, all these women and here this asshole is having a goddamn tickle fight.

When we weren’t causing havoc at the gentleman’s clubs we would head over to Venice.  Traveling with TAL to any historical site is a huge ass mistake.  The king of being impatient he likes to travel as quickly as possible so he can get some where to lay down and nap again.  We got of a water taxi at San Marco square and TAL’s travel guide instincts kicked in.  Now, I had never been here before so I wanted to suck in a little.  TAL had seen it already so it was off to the races for him.  The other thing was that it was pretty touristy there and the goddamn birds were flying all over you.  So we quickly started hitting the ally ways and working our way back to where we had come from.  Along the way we saw some pretty neat stuff and finally stopped an ate along our journey.  More pizza and wine for the group.  Once done it was off again.  The walk was long and it was nice just to take in all the sites and history.

Another great place to go to was Verona where there is a smaller coliseum and Juliet’s balcony.  Yup that’s right Romeo and Juliet.  This place is littered with people trying to sell you junk and gypsies trying to steal shit from you.  Once past them though this is a very pretty town and has loads of history.  I didn’t take TAL to this one so it was cool Me and DP walked all over the place and DP took pictures like an Asian Tourist.

After three weeks of eating, drinking, and traveling we found ourselves broke, tired, and loaded with awesome memories.  I saw some amazing history, a great strip club, TAL Fish hooked Chiz in his mouth, Chiz slap TAL in his face, I used a squatty potty, and watched days and days of shenanigans.  There are far more stories I could tell but can’t because I have to protect the innocent and the guilty.  Plus I think this one is long enough for now.


Relax It’s Sunday

Well it was a another great week and we had some good times.  I don’t normally like to rush time but this week we leave for a two-week vaca to Dewey Beach.  If you know me at all you know I love the beach.  The biggest part of this week was that I had the fortune to take a three-day trip to Niantic, Connecticut this week also.  This is a great little bay town with good food and great people.

The week moved slow in the beginning but has quickly picked up speed as we get closer to our family vacation in Dewey Beach, Delaware.  If you have never been there it is one of the best social beach areas on the east coast.  If you love the beach night life this is the place to go.  There are multiple places to go to have a great time such as  The StarboardBottle and CorkDewey Beer Co. , and the Light House  just name a few.  You will find me at almost every one of those over the next two weeks.  Especially the Starboard on Sunday for Bloody Mary’s.  You if happen to find us down there stop for a drink and a story.

My Three day trip to Niantic was awesome.  There are a few establishments in both Niantic and New London that are fun and have good eats and drinks.  I would start off byIMG_2831 trying The Black Sheep Public House for a drink, a conversation, and some good eats.  After you stop there head out and just enjoy walking around town and getting to know people.  When we stopped in at the Black Shdep we got to talking to bartender and found out that she attended the University Delaware.  I have partied in that town a million times.  The planet is really small when you just stop and talk to people.  While we are hanging out down in Dewey the wife and I get to plan our long weekend in Hollywood Florida in August.  I can’t wait.

If you can find me stop and grab a selfie and tell us your story.  We love meeting new people and having a good time.

Life is short stop worrying about tomorrow – Thee Time Traveler.

DOW (Drinks of the Week)

We traveled to a couple of small towns in Connecticut this week to find some decent places to drink.  These bay towns offer a different view and some different beers.  We traveled to Niantic, CT and New London which are to awesome towns that sit on the Niantic Bay.  The views are great and the people are great also.  This is one of those places you can come to and relax and not have to worry about a busy night life. This isn’t Dewey Beach which is more for partying than relaxing.  The seafood up in Niantic makes it worth the trip also.  Good Bars, Good People, and Good Beers, totally made this trip worth it.

The first bar we visited was the The Black Sheep Public House.  This bar has an old IMG_2833school pub feel to it.  We pulled up to the bar and began a conversation with the bartender.  Low and behold she went to college in Delaware.  It’s unreal how small this world is.  The beer list had some new beers on it and made it difficult to choose from.  I stuck with a local from the area and chose Captains Daughter from Grey Sail Brewing out of Rhode Island.  If you like Double IPA’s then have at it, but I didn’t like the way she felt in my mouth.

Bar #2 was a joint called Fat Boys Kitchen and Bar that overlooked the New London Harbor and had a train that went by about a thousand times in an hour.  This bar and IMG_2841 (1)many other bars are on Bank Street in New London.  This road travels against the water and offers some great views while you enjoy some good food and drinks.  At Fat Boys I went with Smiley Blue Pils from Stevens Point Brewery.  This was an easy drinking Pils and more my taste.  It was nice sitting and drinking and looking out over the harbor.  If you go there I would suggest getting the Fried Cucumber and the Scallop Tacos.  Wow.

Bar# 3 was a little different from the last two but had 50 beers on tap.  Yup 50, and they could make some pretty wild cocktails also.  This bar is more built for the millennials like the guy that was on his laptop at the bar.  Come on bro get a drink and tell a story shithead.  Sorry I am sure he had something really important that couldn’t wait.  So back to me, I decided to stick with something on the lighter side and went with Back East Brewing’s Summer Ale.  This was IMG_2844 (1)a good choice and went down well.  Some of the other beers that were there were Metric Pilsner from Industrial Arts BrewingDog Fish Heads Alternate #5, a sour beer, and many other beers from all over the area.

Beer #, well honestly who the F@#$ is counting.  So I picked up a variety pack from Cisco Brewers.  It’s was just ok, yeah that is probably the best way to describe it as just ok.  The beers weren’t mind-blowing or leave an impact at all.  The Pale Ale was the best one in the pack.

If you ever get a chance head up to Connecticut and have a good time.  There is plenty of beer and plenty of good times to be had by all.

Remember Never Drink Alone

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

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DOW (Drinks of the Week)

I would like to start by saying that I Fucking love the beach.  Sorry, I just can’t get enough of it.  The best part is when you find that perfect drink that goes with the perfect day.  This week I grabbed two new beers Bilsner from Burley Oak Brewing and Cage Radler from Victory.  One beer not so good the other beer really good.

First up was the beer that didn’t mesh well with the beach.  When I pair beers it’s no soIMG_2806.PNG much with food but the weather and fun I believe I am going to have. Bilsner wasn’t a bad beer but pairing for the beach.  Plus I think Bilsner freak me out the way he stares at you from the can and points at you.  I don’t know if he was judging me or letting me know he was coming for me.  All in all it was an okay beer but not good for the beach.

Victory almost never disappoints when I pick them up.  Cage Radler was a great beach beer with an awesome flavor.  I could have drank thirty of these if given the chance.  Cage Radler had a fruity taste to it that felt wonderful in my mouth.  This only helped with the good times that were being had on the beach.  I will be adding this to the list of great beach beers.

I am always looking for suggestions on beers and other drinks to try.  If you have any suggestions shot them my way.  I will literally put anything in my mouth, wait that came out wrong.  I will try almost anything, shit I mean drinks, fuck I can’t end this the right way.

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See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Relax it’s Sunday

This morning is glorious!  I love being able to sit out side and reflect on a great week gone by.  Nikki got to West Palm Beach, we won our first and only soccer match this season, and went to Citizens Bank Park for a beer and wine festival.  Nikki will be heading out today to attend the Football Festival for Women at Lincoln Financial Field.  I got her tickets for this event for mother’s day and she couldn’t have been happier.

The wife is awfully lucky to be able to travel for work and she gets to enjoy some nice places from time to time.  This week she ended up in West Palm Beach and Singer Island IMG_2824in Florida.  One of her favorite moments was sitting on the beach late at night with a glass of wine and just listening to the waves crash.  It’s times like that where you can take in a deep breath and enjoy living and realize how good life can be.  She was able to enjoy a couple of bars and restaurants while she was down there and try to convince me that we are going to move to Florida now.  According to her I need to buy a condo in Chicago, Florida, and Dewey Beach.  How the hell am I going to make that happen.

This year our local soccer league needed some coaches so the wife and I volunteered to coach our oldest daughters team.  Yeah your right I don’t shit about soccer.  With that being said it isn’t that hard to coach 8-10 year olds.  Stick to simple things and remember that they will only retain about ten percent of what you are showing them.  I mean, hell they thought the medals they got were fidget spinners.  We lost most games, tied one, and IMG_3347this week we won our last game.  We couldn’t have been happier or more excited for them.  One of our girls even got a hat trick.  The wife took on head coaching responsibilities and did a great job.  She would have rather coached softball but that isn’t what our daughter likes.  Josh was our assistant coach and did a great job helping us out and to be honest coached us more than he coached the kids.  The girls stuck together all season and went out with a win.

So then there was Saturday, oh what a shit show that was.  No really I had an amazing time hanging out at Citizens Bank Park and drinking more beers than I can remember.  Some were good and some just sucked all together.  The best part was that the wifey and I had a great time together.  We got to go on the field, walk the base paths, touch home plate, and take a few photos in the dugout.  So I now have been on the Lincoln Financial Field, played lacrosse at the Wells Fargo Center, and now been on the Phillies Field.   IMG_3363Yesterday’s events included more the 200 beers of which my head feels like a drank all 200.  I did time traveled a bit at the end of the day well maybe more than a bit.  I really wanted some nachos last night and never got them.  I did manage to destroy some chicken tenders and chips, of which I don’t remember.

The wife gets to end the weekend with a bang, heading to Lincoln Financial Field to hang out with some of the players, run drills, win prizes, and have a great time.  The Eagles are holding their second annual Football Festival for Women.  I thought this would be a great mothers day gift and apparently I hit a home run.  She was more than excited when she got the tickets for the event and almost jumped out of here shoes.  It got a lot better when she found out that Zach Ertz was going to be there.  Hope she can grab some autographs for the collection.  This will help kickoff the new season, oh and I got my season tickets of this season also.  Oh what a week.

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See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

West Palm Beach

The wife is lucky enough to travel a bit for work and she usually gets to see some cool places.  This works good for us because she is my drinking partner, best friend, girlfriend, and wife.  We have the best of times when we go out.  We will be sure to add her journeys into the Time Travelers Journals as well.  Her latest trip, although short, still took her to West Palm Beach in Florida.  She had the chance to hit up a couple of joints and give us some good feedback and reviews of the time she had.

The trip she took was short but fruitful.  She is great at making a lot out of a little time.  She managed to hit up a couple of bars and basically said it was like being in an episode of Bloodline.  Her description of the people is classic Florida, relax with a lot of linen.  She started her trip by staying at the Hilton on Singer Island.  Great views seven though it was a bit over cast, don’t worry a cloudy day doesn’t bring this lady down. IMG_2822

The first bar restaurant that she hit was Johnny Long Boats.  This was a very Florida style bar with pirate swag on the walls and even a giant shark over top of the bar.   She didn’t get a chance to enjoy the outdoor seating because of the rain but said it was a great joint with great food.  She of course went with the Alaskan King Crab Legs which by her description were “Unbelievable,” and so “Full of Meat.”  I took that as a sign that she enjoyed them a little too much.


The second place that she got to hit up was Sail Fish Marina where apparently the season never ends, what ever that means.  Great views at this place and great bar tenders.  It’s located on the water and has some amazing views and creates a great atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying a night of drinks.


Although this may have been a short trip she came back fully convinced that we will go again, or at least try to buy a place down there.  I love her motivation and free spirit but daddy can barely afford this website.  We will definitely make another trip there and get to experience more of what West Palm Beach and Singer Island has to offer.

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

DOW (Drinks of the Week) The Ireland Edition


The DOW will be about the  various beers and stills that I had during our recent trip to Dublin.  We visited many different Pubs and met some pretty awesome people.  The Emerald Isle has so much to offer but the pub culture is truly an Amazing time.  I’ll Give you a run down of the Pubs we visited and the drinks I had there.  Some will have links to see them, and some don’t have websites



This was a place we stopped in a couple of mornings and found that it was a good way to start the day.  Rose the bartender was a nice lady who knew everyone that came into the Pub.  She was also very helpful with places to see and maybe some places not to see.  On back to back mornings we stopped in and the wife got a Jameson and Ginger Ale, and I got a pint of Guinness.  Nothing to fancy or crazy but it was the atmosphere that was great.


L. Mulligan Grocer


Probably our favorite bar, the bartenders were great and chatted with us on different occasions.  My wife’s favorite was Harry “Prince Harry” the English lad working an Irish bar.  There was Gary who we talked to on several occasions.  I would try  a few different drinks at L. Mulligans.  The first was the BOG HOPPER Dirty Chick, followed by Bloody Elles, and a whiskey called Writers Tears.  The last few came of a list of mystery beers.  All were decent drinks and only added to the good times we had there.  Also you have to try the Scotch Eggs, and the Burger, they are excellent.  Needless to say I had a lot of different drinks at this place.

Oscars Cafe and Bar

Located in Smithfield Square this place was a bit more trendy and offered a great spot to stop and grab brunch.   You wouldn’t sit there all day drinking but the indoor and outdoor seating offered a place to relax and enjoy the day.  If you are in to people watching as much as I am this is the place to go to.  The Square is host to a wide variety of people that are walking about.  The food is delicious as well.  The Wife got a veggie burger with chips (French Fries), and got a regular burger with sweet potato chips.  The beer at this place was the Galway Hooker, and Irish Pale Ale.  Usually not my cup of tea but not bad with the burger.  The square was alive with festivities celebrating the Easter Rising, this was to celebrate the Irish rebellion in 1916, so we sat and people watched for a bit before heading out to enjoy the Rest of our day. The best part of the Square is that you never know who you will run into.


Brazen Head – The Oldest Pub in Ireland est. 1198

Side Brazen

From the front the pub looks as if it will be tiny, but once you get through the threshold you find some great indoor and outdoor seating areas.  We choose indoor and boy did we choose right.  The history of this bar can be seen all around but one of the cooler things is that the bar had dollar bills from all over the world taped and tacked to the walls, also there were patches from various first responders, law enforcement and military.  Very cool, each bill was someones story and each patch was someones life.  Gary the bartender, (different from the other Gary) was very helpful in giving us some tour suggestions.  The drinks were simple here just Jameson and Ginger Ale.

O’Sheas Merchant

Closer to the action and down the street from Brazen Head O’Shea’s was a lot like L. Mulligans and the food was good.  Here I got a tall glass of Hop House 13, which is a plane lager that is made by Guinness.  This was a good beer that and goes down easy.  Caroline the bartender was friendly like most places, and suggested the fish and chips for the wife.  The fish was great, I myself got a Panini with roast beef and cheese.  Both meals came with plenty of chips also.

The Next few Bars I won’t go to deep into not because we didn’t like them but because we were in full Pub Hopping Mode and didn’t stay that long at any of them.  Just wanted to pop in, grab a beer, and hustle to the next one.

Peadar Kearney’s Pub


Smaller on the inside and is named of the man who wrote the National Anthem for Ireland.

The Temple Bar


Very Trendy bar with a lot of tourists running a muck like most of the bars in the TEMPLE BAR area.  Yes there is an actual Temple Bar that resides in the area of TEMPLE BAR.  This is confusing I know, try being a bit tipsy and trying to figure out if there is an actual temple bar. The bar is big and offers good drinks, not as much hospitality, because it is so busy, there is some live music, and for the most part is a  very fun place, especially if you can get a place to sit and enjoy it.

The Old Storehouse


Great place, my kinda joint good beers, and live music as well.  You get some good ole Irish music in this bar.  I like that I could sit at the bar get a pint turn around and watch the performer.

The Auld Dubliner

A bit smaller than the Old Storehouse, but a lively place with a live artist, and plenty of good times.

Bad Bobs


A packed house much like The Temple Bar, but trendy and a good time.

Tommy O’Gara’s –  Sorry thats all I got.

Vat House Bar

Sorry No Photo .  We will blame this on being tired and Slightly Intoxicated.

I did enjoy the Hop House 13 Though
This was the last pub that we tried out.  They had straw hats on the tables that you could wear.  We only stayed for one drink and talked to a bartender whose name was Promise, you can’t make that up, he appeared to be of Persian but was a great guy.

The last two we saved because they aren’t really pubs, yet small pieces of heaven.  The Guinness Storehouse is where you can view Dublin amongst the clouds and the Jameson Distillery Tour is equally amazing.  If you go to Dublin do these tours you will not be disappointed.

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Get you butts over to Dublin and Have a Few

See You in the Future – Thee Time Traveler

Relax It’s Sunday

Today is an amazingly beautiful day.  Hurricane Hermine has stayed of the coast but brought amazing temperatures.  This week has been a great week once again, spent time with family, friends, and had some awesome drinks this week.  Early in the week I took a day trip to Philadelphia, worked on creating a website, celebrated DP Killa’s birthday, and hung out at a brewery.  All in all I really enjoyed this week very much.

On Tuesday of this past week friends, coworkers, and myself spent the day in Philadelphia as part of a team building event.  We visited the Constitution Center,

Constitution Center

Independence Mall, Independence Beer Garden, and I made my way over to the Reading Terminal Market.  I am a big fan of visiting Cities because of the hodge-podge of cultures that are intertwined in these concrete jungles.  The is truly evident when you go to the Reading Terminal Market.  If you have time today I would pack up and go walk the city, it’s amazing out and bring your appetite.

I continue to work past my fears of starting on an online business.  I think that I am totally over the hump now and ready to move forward with it.  I had to sell the wife on the idea which is the toughest part.  I didn’t want to do anything unless she was totally on board.  I got the go ahead from he so this week I will continue to research and pursue my side venture.  I am really excited and can’t wait to get started on it.

Friday night would be a good night, I would spend the late afternoon and evening hanging out with DP Killa celebrating his 34th Birthday.Many  It’s started out easy enough drinking a few beers, which then led into white Russians and watching “The Big Lebowski.”  I love that movie and many years ago DP and I would watch it before or after bowling in league play.  Mark it an X dude.

Saturday was good even if there was a ton of wind.  I went to Blue Earl Brewing Company where they were having a car show, beer garden, live music and food trucks.  The food truck that I would visit that day wasn’t located there but in its normal spot, the parking lot of Auto Zone and Royal Farms in Smyrna, Delaware.  The truck is called O’ Phoebe’s BBQ, www.ohphoebe.vpweb.com.  The truck is awesome, and by no means does this dude go easy on the food.  His smoker has been in use for 15 years and the flavor backs that up.  His prices are great for the amount of food that you get.  He isn’t skimping on anything either, he does it his way, and he only says whats on his mind.  Great dude Great food.

As far as today goes I will sit and relax, enjoy a book, “The Storytellers’s Secret” by Carmine Gallo, and end the day hanging with some good friends.  I am on vacation this upcoming week and plan on working on the new website and online business.  As a family we continue to go back and forth on either getting a pool, or a trailer at the beach.  We really can’t decide which way to go.  If there are any good book idea’s out there please share away.  Enjoy your day, have fun and make some awesome memories.

See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.


www.phlbeergarden.com – Indepedence Beer Garden

www.blueearlbrewing.com – Blue Earl


Hanging In Philly

A couple of days ago I went with a group of friends and co-workers to Philadelphia.  I love this city and the history of it.  More than anything I love the food the city presents.  The trip started off with a visit to the Constitution Center, a meal and cold one at the Independence Beer Garden, and then I escaped to the Redding Terminal Mall.  We started our day off around 7am loading up I a van to hit the road and ensure we were in Philly at a decent time.  Once we overcame of few wrong turns, one that landed us in N.J, we made it to our destination.  I would also like to add that whoever developed the road exit plan for the city should never work again.  Unless you are lucky, you will at some point have to make a split second decision to cut across multiple lanes of traffic in order not to miss your exit.  I would suggest practicing your city driving by yelling loudly while you drive bumper cars in a confined space.  Other than that pray to whatever higher power you believe in, or lower power, and just go with it. 

The Constitution Center is a lovely building, the provides a wonderful presentation on the work the founding fathers did to present the Nation with the Declaration of Independence.  Within the facility you can see several attractions, and get a sense of the history that we have gone through as such a young Nation.  You can quickly review the hard times and good times that this great Nation has gone through in order to get where it is today.  You also leave with an understanding that in the grand scheme of things we are still so young as a Country and to become the world leader that we are is pretty amazing.  I mean there are buildings in Italy that were destroyed by an earthquake this past week that were older than America.  Take a day go and get your history on.

After finishing up around 1130 at Independence Mall we shot over to the Independence Beer Garden.  I have had this place on my mind for sometime and was excited to finally get there.  This is located outside this place offers great views, good beer, and good food.  With optional covered seating, or seats out in the sun, this place offers you the chance to sit and enjoy a long afternoon eating and relaxing.  I ordered the pork tacos and wings for my nom nom nom, and a Nodding Head Monkey Knife Fight beer.  These were good all the way around.  I thought the Pork Tacos had a little to much of a BBQ flavor, and not enough of the Salsa Flavor.  The wings I got were deep-fried, large, and had a lot of flavor.  The beer was labeled as a lager on the menu, but did not carry that traditional lager flavor but did carry a spiced, herbed flavor that was really good, and even better with the summer temperatures that we had. 

Taking a small break from my meal and drink, I let my stomach settle a bit and then it was off to a place that I have been dying to try, The Redding Terminal Market.  The easiest way for me to describe this place is that it is a giant melting pot of food and culture that is stuffed into a giant warehouse.  You could eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, and desert all in one day.  The is an amazing amount cultural foods as well.  Fresh foods are everywhere, the smells are great, and at Molly Mollay’s you can get a cold one to walk around with.  I recommend the American Hero Ale, not just because I’m a veteran but because it was good.

Molloy Malloy's American Hero AleThe brew had a nice dark color and rich flavor.  The small pub has an oddly large classic pub feel to it, even though it is basically an open setting bar in the middle of a giant grocery store.  The magic of the Redding Terminal was obviously working on me.  It was nearly time for me to take off and meet back up with the team, but first I needed to stop at America’s olders Ice Cream parlor, L.D Bassett,  and grab a cup of vanilla ice cream.  Great way to finish the day.

Terminal Market Basset Ice Cream

It took my 15 minutes walk back to the Constitution Center to rally up with the gang and head back to Delaware.  My stomach felt like it was going to explode at this point, and my eyes were getting heavy.  It didn’t take us long before we were back on the road and guys started dropping like flies.  Heads back and mouths wide open, the van slumber party had begun.  I took this time to reflect on the Philly journey we took and that I would tell anyone and everyone that lives near a city of any type large or small, that they should spend the day seeing it’s history and enjoying it’s culture.  You don’t necessarily need to speak to anyone but that will make the trip better, and you never know who you will end up meeting.  Head on out and enjoy some food, friends, and beer.


See you in the Future – Thee Time Traveler.